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Happy Mother's Day Sale. Save 15%. Use Code: HMD24 at checkout
Happy Mother's Day Sale. Save 15%. Use Code: HMD24 at checkout

About Us - Flickering Bliss

Flickering Bliss





Founded in 2022, Flickering Bliss Candle Co. aims to provide high-quality candles and wax melts that feature long-lasting burns and stimulating fragrances. So whether you want to set the mood, scent your home with a signature scent, or decorate your space, our products check all of the boxes.


Other brands can’t hold a candle to flickering Bliss (pun intended). Unlike traditional candles, which use cotton wicks, ours feature wooden wicks for a cleaner burn and a smaller carbon footprint. In addition, the lack of paraffin and phthalates ensures our fragrances are toxin-free, making them ideal for every home.


Our products don’t simply benefit your health; they also elevate your mood, taking the ambiance to entirely new heights. The wood wicks softly crackle and pop, giving the impression of sitting next to a fire. All of our products are handcrafted, so your labels may be a little crooked. Their homemade appearance adds a distinct charm to your home, performing multiple functions that create a truly unique experience you’ll want to relive over and over.


So, when you light a Flickering Bliss candle, you can expect a long-lasting sensation of ultimate relaxation and serenity.